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Multi-functional grater with three nozzles, which allow you to cut a wide variety of products with straw or slices for different dishes, without wasting time on the usual tool. On one of the walls of the food container there are holes for draining liquid, allowing you to directly rinse the products with water without getting additional dishes. On the back of the grater itself there are convenient cuts with grips for storing attachments. Now the right tool for work will always be at hand, not in the box somewhere in the locker. The grater is completely disassembled for the most thorough cleaning and washing under a direct jet of water. The huohou multifunctional grater case is made of high-strength ABS plastic, which has many advantages-it is not afraid of corrosion and high temperature, thanks to its own elasticity, it and also it does not absorb smells.

Item type: grater
Material: plastic, steel
Color: White
Equipment: grater capacity, grater cover, replaceable nozzles (3 pcs.), product Lock
Dimensions: 366x127x80mm
Product Weight: 425 grams

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