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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

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  • 150 AW flagship-grade suction power: The newly upgraded 125,000 RPM high-speed flagship-grade motor delivers strong suction power while offering superb performance and an unprecedented cleaning experience.
  • High definition TFT colour display: Check cleaning status at a glanceThe newly upgraded visual operating system uses a TFT colour display that allows you to easily view information such as current mode, battery status and more. Mobile phone-level display clarity delivers an outstanding visual experience and excellent control at the same time
  • Newly added one-tap self-locking: Sets your fingers free with no need for pressing and holdingNewly added to the display, the unique electronic self-locking feature means you no longer need to press and hold a button during use. Instead, simply tap on the "Lock” button to engage continuous operation, and tap it again to unlock. This sets your fingers free and minimises button failure from repeated use
  • Package content:

- x1 Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10.

- x1 Extendable bar.

- x1 High Torque Smart Floor Brush.

- x1 Mini electric brush.

- x1 2-in-1 dust brush.

- x1 Narrow nozzle.

- 2-in-1 storage and charging stand (includes 2 screws, 2 wall plugs, and location sticker).

- x1 Water tank.

- x1 Replacement mop.

- x1 Standard UK adapter.

- x1 User manual.

- x1 User guide.

- x1 Location sticker.

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